We are industry leaders in

Medical Affairs

Patient Engagement

Medical Communications.

We provide solutions to healthcare organisations that anticipate, shape and inform the health ecosystem and optimise the quality use of Medicines.

We are committed to improving health outcomes by translating science and empowering minds.

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference and optimise the value you provide to patients and providers.


We deliver strategies, cross functional communication plans and solutions to foster trusting relationships with patients and providers


We strengthen the bridge between cross functional teams and optimising ways of working to achieve shared outcomes


We draw from our scientific knowledge, regulatory compliance
expertise and medical affairs experience


We introduce new ways of doing things and implement best practices through a multi-stakeholder and multi-channel approach

We help to introduce new ideas, technologies or approaches that shape and advance how a product will be used.


At MedWise Consulting, we offer comprehensive solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs in the healthcare industry.

Whether you require assistance in optimising your medical affairs function, developing impactful communication plans, or engaging with key stakeholders, you can trust that our holistic solutions will exceed your expectations and provide the support you need to address the complex challenges in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.


Elevate the strategic contribution of your medical affairs organisation to accelerate launch readiness and effectively meet the evolving needs of healthcare stakeholders.

  • Medical strategy
  • Medical education
  • Stakeholder identification and engagement
  • Real world evidence generation
  • Learning and development
  • Optimise your medical talent
  • Advisory programs
  • Compliance reviews and addressing code challenges


Patient experiences and perspectives are invaluable to building trust and delivering solutions that effectively communicate the value of your medical innovation and improve health outcomes.

  • Patient advocacy and engagement strategies
  • Patient education and plain language deliverables
  • Patient councils
  • Patient registries
  • Patient experience and perspectives


Effectively communicate the value and impact of your medical innovations, whilst ensuring adherence to the latest guidelines and regulations.

  • Publication planning and data dissemination
  • Literature reviews, abstracts, posters, and manuscript development
  • Scientific resource development (infographics, slide decks and training materials)
  • Omnichannel strategy planning
  • Core claims/key messages development



Extensive consulting and industry experience spanning:

Medical affairs
Patient engagement
Clinical practice
Commercial strategy
Healthcare communications

Strong relationships with:

Medical technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector
Healthcare professionals
Key opinion leaders
Patient advocacy groups

We place patients and caregivers at the core of all activities and decisions, ensuring their needs, preferences, and values guide the development of our solutions


Matt Britland and Dianne Gill

lead an experienced team and established MedWise Consulting on W.I.S.E.R. core values that are at the centre of everything we do.


is the foundation of our approach

We value the pursuit of knowledge, leveraging our expertise and
experience to make informed decisions and solve complex


is our driving force

We are committed to making a positive difference. We ask questions, explore possibilities, and think creatively to offer innovative solutions that drive positive change.


is at the heart of
our company

We recognise the combined power of working together. We foster collaboration, encourage diversity, and embrace teamwork. Bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise we unlock solutions that propel progress.


is our standard

We pursue quality, embrace continuous improvement, and are committed to providing exceptional service that delivers results that exceed expectations.


is the cornerstone of
our trusting relationship

We treat each other, our clients, and our community with honesty, dignity and generosity.

With our values as our compass, we challenge the status quo, reimagining medical affairs, transforming medical communications and empowering patients to be active participants in their healthcare journey.

MedWise is a member of Medicines Australia

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